Okay, well, I have lived all my life in the Wollongong area (yes, I know, how boring!). I am married and have two daughters. My wife was involved with music both before and after I met her, but doesn't play now - she teaches Folk Art, which keeps her very busy! Both daughters have played a number of instruments (including guitar, keyboard, recorder etc). The eldest remains very involved with music, her main interest being piano, but she also plays guitar (of course!).
This is the page where you find out all about the personal stuff; find out who I am, where I have come from with my music, see the embarrassing photos, all that sort of stuff! So, if that's what you're here for, then Read on!!
But enough of the boring personal stuff! If you are considering coming to me for music lessons, you will want to know a bit about my musical background, and what my qualifications are, right? Well, I do have some qualifications with the AMEB (and I am a registered teacher with them), however most of my learning was done through private teachers; of both theory and guitar. And there has been some self-tuition along the way too. My first teacher was my father. 
My father was Les Jordan, and he played guitar and sang. He also played mouth-organ. He was a popular local entertainer, and also played regularly with a dance band. He also won a radio talent-quest. These achievements were even more commendable because he was partially blind! My mother, Connie, was also involved with music, occasionally singing duets with my father. She also played tambourine. This photo shows them performing at a wedding. The guitar in this photo was his main instrument at the time. Check out the fancy pearl fingerboard and headstock! Sadly, my father died when I was 19, and my mother two years after that.
You might be surprised to learn that the first instrument I played was not guitar! I watched my father play and thought it looked too hard; so I learnt the musette instead. That was like a simplified recorder, and I learnt that at school when I was about 7 or 8. But by the time I was around 11, I had decided that guitar was what I wanted to play, and my father gave me one of his old guitars and began, very patiently, to teach me. The photo at the left was taken when I was about 16 or 17. (I don't know where I was going, but check out the mohair jumper and tie!). The guitar is the first guitar I had of my own. It was bought for me a couple of years after I began playing, by which time my father must have thought I showed some signs of progress!
After I left school, I worked in the NSW Public Service for a few years. But my interest and love of music developed. I played at parties, I joined a local theatre group, and then in my mid-20's, with encouragement from a music teacher friend, I began teaching guitar part time. Then at age 29, I decided to make music my full-time career. I left the Public Service and built up my teaching business. I also went back to lessons myself, travelling to Sydney each week for lessons to further my knowledge and ability on guitar. I also diversified my musical interests, and started playing banjo. And it wasn't too long after that I found myself in a band, playing lead-guitar and banjo.
Now all that seems a long time ago! These days most of the playing I do is for charity type things. I play with bands at my local church, and hold charity concerts with pupils and friends for local retirement homes etc. The photo on the left was taken at a community hall where we held a concert for local residents and members of a day-care centre. All the performers were my pupils.
So there you have it; my life-history in brief! Click on the "What Extras?" page to see what other activities I have with my pupils. And you can also check out other useful links, including a former pupil who now has his own guitar shop, selling to both local and international markets! Just click the buttons below.
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This page is dedicated to the memory of my parents; but especially to my father, Les. I think he would be pleased to see how those early years of guidance and encouragement with my music eventually turned out!
WHO  AM  I ?
25 YEARS TEACHING. In July 2004, I celebrated 25 years of full-time teaching. Quite an achievement really, and something that I have enjoyed immensely! Over that time I have also learnt a lot myself, and I've also had the privilege of meeting some great people and making some very good friends along the way.
The business continues to do well, and in fact has expanded! Beginning at the start of 2005, I now have my eldest daughter, Linda, teaching as well. Not only has this helped meet the demand, but it's also been good to see the "family-tradition" of professional guitarist being carried on! Click Here to find out about LInda.