Hi! I'm Elwyn Jordan.
Welcome To My Music Tuition Web Site!
Here you can find out all about my Music Tuition. Find out what instruments I teach, where my lessons are held, and even some background info on me and my music. So, surf on in and enjoy!
WHAT INSTRUMENTS DO I TEACH? Well, I suppose you have guessed, from the music that played when you first got here, that I teach guitar. And you'd be right! But that isn't the only instrument I teach! Click on the music symbol at the left to see (and hear!) what other instruments I teach..
WHERE AM I? I suppose you should find out where I am located, and how to contact me, so you can see if you can get to me for lessons. However, if you can't come to my studio for face-to-face lessons, we can arrange lessons by correspondance. Click on the music symbol at the left of this to see where I am.
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ARE THERE ANY EXTRAS? Yes there are! Because I believe that learning to play an instrument does not end at just having a lesson once a week. The moto for my teaching business is "Put Music Into Your Life, And Life Into Your Music!" You see, I believe music should be a "lifestyle" thing, so I include a couple of extra things into my teaching to try to help you make this happen. Click on the symbol at the left to see what they are! And while you're on this page you can also check out some links, including some cool ones that will help you with  learning and playing your instrument.
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WHO AM I? Okay, here's the part where you can find out a bit about me; who I am, what my musical background is, and so on. You can even have a laugh at some embarrassing old photos!
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THANKS FOR DROPPING BY! I hope you enjoyed your visit! Please feel welcome to send me an email; it would be great to hear from you!
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