DAPTO. My Music Studio is located in Dapto, which is about 15 minutes drive south of Wollongong.

And Wollongong, on a national scale of things, is just a bit (actually about an hour drive) south of Sydney.

If you look at the maps on the left, you will get an idea of where I am.

The precise address is 24 Exmouth Rd. Dapto.

Now, If you happen to have surfed in from some distant part of the globe, you are probably thinking that, with the time and cost of international air-travel, coming here for lessons probably isn't going to be practical!!  :-)

But, if you live anywhere within the area covered by the bottom map, then it probably would be possible. And the closer you are to where it says "Dapto", then the easier it will be for you to get here!

HOW TO CONTACT ME. You can send me an email, just by clicking on the envelope symbol on the main page, or you can give me a call on 4261 6325

CAN'T GET HERE? But still want lessons? There is still a way! While learning an instrument by face-to-face lessons is by far the best way, I do teach by correspondance. What happens with this is that we exchange tapes. I send you a tape of me talking you through the lesson material, and some written stuff, with some music to play, then you send me a tape back with you playing the piece when you have achieved that. And so on it goes. I have found that this works well for people who live in remote areas, and don't have a teacher anywhere nearby. It can also be beneficial for people who don't have transport, or can't commit to a regular time. So if this is you, then give me a call, or send an email, and we can work out the details.
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