As I mentioned on the previous page, my daughter Linda has been doing some teaching for me since the beginning of 2005.
Not only has this helped meet demand, but as Linda spent about 5 years working in the Child-Care industry, as well as leading youth groups at church etc, she is ideally  suited to teaching young children; especially at beginer level. So I have been referring suitable pupils to her.
Linda has three children (and was pregnant with one of them when this photo was taken), so her teaching time is limited, and has to fit in around her duties as wife and mother. But she has enjoyed the teaching she has been doing, and her pupils are progressing well and enjoying their lessons.
For me, it has been great to see the teaching business enter the "second-generation"; even if only in a small way. (And it's the third generation of guitarists!).
Her lessons are conducted from her home in Horsley.
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