GUITAR. Well, yes, you already knew that, didn't you! What I should tell you is that I teach all styles, from Classical to Heavy Rock. And all levels, from the complete beginner to the more advanced player. So, whether it is just strumming along to your favourite songs, or reading and playing music, or improvising in "Lead Guitar" style, or even just working through your own music, I can help you achieve your musical goals!

The photo above shows me playing a 12-string. But to hear the sound, again, of a fingerstyle acoustic 6-string, like the one on the left, just click the play button underneath.
Okay, time to get down and get dirty; with the sound of an electric guitar with distortion. Click the button on the bar below to hear the sound of a rock electric guitar. Although these two sound clips are only very short, they demonstrate the great diversity of sound that is available with the different forms of this wonderful instrument.
NOTE: This page contains sound files which will take a few moments to load. Please be patient. Thanks!
BASS. Ever since Paul McCartney began playing his left-handed Hofner with The Beatles, the bass has become an essential part of any modern band. I enjoy playing bass, and I enjoy teaching it too! So if it's bass that you are into, I can help you with that too. Click on the play button below to hear a short bass riff.
BANJO. Click on the play button below and you will hear the start of one of the most well-known tunes of the last 50 years. And it was played on banjo! If you are into banjo, whether it is plectrum-style, or bluegrass, I can teach you how to play.
MANDOLIN. The distinctive sound of the mandolin is an essential in any bluegrass band, but it is more than just bluegrass. It is often heard in country, folk, even blues and rock! And I can teach you to play it. Click the play button to hear a little of it's sound.
MUSIC THEORY. Okay, this isn't an instrument, but I thought I should mention that I also teach music theory. I do this as part of the lessons I give in each of these instruments, but it can go beyond that. I also teach music as a subject itself, and am a registered teacher with the A.M.E.B. So you don't even have to play one of these instruments to come to lessons here!

I am also happy to work in with pupils who are studying Music as a subject for the School Certificate or H.S.C. I can help you prepare and achieve your chosen piece, as well as helping with theory studies.
Okay, well thanks for looking (and listening!) to the instruments I teach. Just click on the music symbols below to return to the main page, or go straight to any of the other pages. Surf on, and enjoy!
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