Well, I already said there was, didn't I. And that is why you are here, to check out what they are. So, read on!
Our Saturday Jam is an informal get-together that I hold once a month for all pupils who want to come along. It's a join-in-and-play-along type session where people can play their own music, and also join in and strum along to some simple melodies that I play. And this is all free!
Each month I produce a Newsletter. This newsletter brings news that will be of general interest to pupils; such as new products, new albums etc. There is also news from my pupils, of things they have been doing, new instruments they have bought etc. Each month there is a feature article on some music / guitar -related topic, such as caring for your instrument, making use of your music, etc. Also included are sections on interesting (or humorous) quotes, and a look back into the past, and a monthly "tip".
Yes, music-teaching goes hi-tech! Computers have been a long-time interest of mine, and I am using the computer more and more in my teaching. Not only is it used to produce the monthly newsletter (see the item on this below), but I also use it in the lesson, especially with children, to aid in music reading, recognition of notes, and sounds etc. I also use the computer to print music for lessons, and also to create backing-tracks for pupils to play along with.
Regular concerts are another activity that I organise for my pupils. Usually we hold an Annual Concert where I try to involve most of my pupils. The audience is made up of pupils' family and friends. We also use this as an opportunity to raise funds for a nominated charity, so not only are the pupils using their music in an entertaining way, they are also using it it to do some good in the community. As an extension to this, we also hold regular concerts in local retirement homes. This I also see as being of great benefit; it gives the pupils some experience at performing in public, and it also gives the residents of these places some much-needed entertainment. So everyone benefits!
Taken quite a few years ago, this group of pupils formed a big band for one of concerts
Here some pupils (and me) perform in a concert at an aged day-care centre in a local community hall.
I am always here to help my pupils in any way I can; whether it is helping them with music of their own, or helping with the purchase of a new instrument, or helping with repairs and maintenance to their instrument, and so on. I also arrange excursions from time to time, to local music shops etc. As I said at the beginning, I look at music as a life-style thing; through my teaching I try to put music in their life, and life into their music!

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